How to Get Help

Even though this is a self-guided class, I want to be clear that you are not on your own doing this.

If you have questions or need help, there’s lots of resources out there for you:

Office Hours

I have weekly office hours! Yes, you can talk to me live! We can just hang out or I can answer your questions and alleviate your anxiety. You might even get to chat with Liberty or Fidget who love to come in and meow into my microphone!

Each week, I post my office hours here.

Call Me!

I want you to feel free to call me at 813-401-0739. I answer questions about the CMP every day and would love to chat with you too!

A lot of people think that the phone call will interrupt me, so they think that I would rather an email.

To be honest, I usually have a few questions to ask you before I can answer your question. That will mean several emails back and forth. This could take a while! If you call me, you are going to get your answer in 5 minutes.

Contact the Events Industry Council

There are just some questions I cannot answer. Either I don’t know the answer, or I am not familiar enough with how applications are approved.

For these questions, I am going to refer you to the Events Industry Council (EIC) directly.

Here’s their contact information:

Events Industry Council

2025 M Street, NW

Suite 800

Washington, DC 20036

T (202) 367-1190

[email protected]